How Do I Link TripIt To Concur?

How do I get TripIt Pro for free?

If you’re new to TripIt, sign up between March 13 and March 31, and we’ll automatically give you access to TripIt Pro for six months.

Starting Friday, March 13, we’ll also be rolling this out to our current TripIt users.

That’s it.

You are good to go!.

What is the difference between TripIt and TripIt Pro?

What’s the difference between TripIt and TripIt Pro? While TripIt instantly organizes all your travel plans in one place, TripIt Pro helps you stay one step ahead—from planning to landing. … TripIt Pro sends you helpful reminders and alerts so you never miss a beat.

Through our global network of connected suppliers and our TripIt Pro app, Concur TripLink brings outside bookings back into your travel program. Travel managers get a complete view of spend and deliver on Duty of Care. Give travelers real-time alerts and reminders.

Can you run reports in concur?

Reports from the Concur Travel & Expense System are accessed through the Reporting function in Concur, known as Concur Intelligence. Concur Intelligence is used to obtain information from Concur by either running reports on-demand, or accessing reports that have already been run.

What is TripIt?

Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organize your travel plans no matter where you book. Simply forward your confirmation emails to and in a matter of seconds, TripIt will create a master itinerary for every trip. … It’s such a powerful tool in the hands of a traveler.

How do I book a travel on concur?

There are several ways to book a trip within Concur. One way is from your Con- cur Home Screen. Find the Trip Search section on the left side of your screen. *You can book your flight airfare, rental car, and hotel during the same search.

This set-up is important to ensure that personal and business Uber charges are handled separately.Under Payment in your Uber account, under Ride Profiles, select Start Using.Concur sends an. email to your Duke. email account asking. you to confirm the link. to Uber. Select Sign.Return to the App Center in Concur.More items…

What is Concur TripIt pro?

TripIt Pro is a trip management solution that helps you tame the chaos and complexity of travel. You can organise and share your travel information with others from one location, keep up to date with flight alerts, frequent traveller programmes and much more. The best news of all, Tripit Pro integrates with Concur.

Can you send an Uber to pick something up?

Enter the package destination in the “Where to?” section of your Uber app and ensure the pickup location is correct. … Reply to the message you’ll receive in the Uber app asking for the recipient’s name and any special delivery instructions for your driver. 6. Meet the driver curbside and load the package into the trunk.

What is the best trip planner app?

Best Vacation Planner AppsTripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is a number one app of the most popular planner apps on most mobile devices while traveling. … … Airbnb. … Packing Pro. … TripIt. … Sygic Travel. … Roadtrippers. … Visit a City.More items…•

Can you call Uber on the phone?

You asked, we answered Thanks to their feedback, Uber offers in-app and phone support for drivers on the road or off. Whether you have a question about your account or want to report an incident, you can contact us. To speak directly with a trained agent on the phone, go to Help in your Driver app and tap Call Support.

Is TripIt Pro worth the cost?

Even if you use no other feature on the app, TripIt Pro is completely worth it for the flight alerts. They are SO FAST. Trust me, if your flight is delayed, or if your gate changes, TripIt will let you know even before the airport monitors do. … It’s as perfect an airport experience as you can have.

What is expense code in Uber?

Expense codes allow you to require project code or client matter numbers when requesting a ride on your Uber for Business account. Easy Billing. Since all rides are tied to a specific code or client matter number, it’s easy to group them for simplified expense reporting and billing.

Is the TripIt app free?

TripIt gives you a single view of all your trips, to help you keep it all straight–even if you’re planning one while still on another. The (free) benefits don’t stop there. Sign Up—It’s Free!

How do you add an expense type in concur?

You will find Concur Expense Account Codes under Administration >> Expense (& Invoice) Settings > Expense Type for Expenses >> Account Codes Tab. You have two options when configuring your Concur Expense Account Codes. We strongly recommend using the “Mapping” option.

Can TripIt read PDF?

Language: TripIt supports confirmation emails from thousands of suppliers around the world, in English, French, German, and Japanese. … Multiple Attachments: Your submitted email contains more than one attachment (i.e. multiple pdf files, etc). We read only the first attachment in an email.

Is TripIt any good?

TripIt works exceptionally well for those people that travel frequently and have multiple documentation in their emails. It’s the best way to get all the travel data in one place and not having to find confirmation emails.

How do I send info to TripIt?

Step 1: Forward your confirmation emails As soon as you book a flight, hotel, car, or other reservation, simply forward it to, and we’ll instantly add it to your trip.

How do I update TripIt?

Web:Go to the Publishing Your TripIt data page on our website and click the Refresh button in the upper-right corner of the page (in the Calendar Feed section).Copy the new feed URL from the TripIt Home page.Add the new URL to your calendar application.Wait about 15 minutes for your data to sync.

Can I ask Uber to deliver a package?

Select Connect in the Uber app, agree to the terms and conditions, confirm that your package does not contain prohibited items, and request a delivery. Reply to the message you’ll receive in the Uber app asking for the recipient’s name and any special delivery instructions for your driver.

How safe is TripIt app?

It’s as safe as any other app out there. If you do not plan to have access to a data plan, make sure you sync your TripIt in the US before you leave – it won’t be able to update overseas unless you have data or can access wifi.

How do I connect to Uber?

Tell your driver ‘Where to? ‘ in your Uber app. Choose Uber Connect as the ride (you may have to swipe up for the option). Follow the notifications: You’ll get notifications providing instructions on how to help ensure a smooth pickup and when your driver is arriving, just like a trip with UberX.

How do I transfer Uber receipts to concur?

Just create a business profile within the Uber app, and link your Concur account within the set up flow. Next time your travel for work, just select your business profile within the Uber app, and Uber e-receipts will automatically appear in your receipt store and get added to your next expense report. Get started now.