Question: Can You Use Your GPS On Your Phone While Driving?

Is it illegal to have a sat nav on the windscreen?

WHILE it’s not illegal to position a Sat Nav on your car’s windscreen, it’s not encouraged.

But it turns out placing a satellite navigation system on certain sections of your windscreen could actually be a breach of the Highway Code..

Can I touch my sat nav while driving?

Yes, it’s legal to use your phone as a sat nav, as long as it has secure, hands-free access and it does not block your view of the road or traffic ahead. … It is illegal to touch and hold your phone while driving, when stopped at traffic lights, when queuing in traffic, or supervising a learner.

Is it illegal to use sat nav on your phone?

Using a phone as a navigational device/GPS while riding is prohibited unless it is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle. All other functions (including video calls, texting and emailing) are prohibited. The penalty is a fine of $496 applies. Demerit points do not apply.

Can new drivers use GPS?

GPS and other navigation applications. While GPS technology has been around for a while, GPS apps make it even easier for young drivers to get where they’re going – without relying on anything but their smartphone. Below are five of the best navigation apps for new driver.

Which GPS is best for Uber?

Now, let’s break down our top 5 picks.Uber Nav. Uber has its own navigation app, known as Uber Nav, built right into its driver app. … Google Maps. Perhaps the most well-known navigation app, Google Maps continues to stay on top of the pack. … Waze. … Sygig. … Navmii. … 7 Comments.

Do police pull you over for being on your phone?

Mobile phone laws If at any time a police officer (in or out of uniform, or in a marked or unmarked car) sees you using a hand-held mobile phone in any way while driving (even when you are stopped at traffic lights) they will pull you over, give you a fine, and record demerit points on your traffic history.

Are you allowed to use Bluetooth while driving?

NSW Legislation Can be operated without touching any part of the phone, such as via Bluetooth or voice activation. Drivers are able to use their mobile phone as a driver’s aid (e.g. GPS) only if the phone is in a cradle fixed to the vehicle and doesn’t obscure their view of the road.

It is important to note that GPS or other navigation systems that are physically integrated into the vehicle are not considered “electronic communication devices.” Thus, if a navigation device is permanently mounted within or on the car’s dashboard, it is okay to use and would not fall under the new moving violation …

How do I follow my GPS while driving?

How to safely use GPS while drivingPre-enter the address or destination on the GPS – avoid doing this while driving.Attach your phone or GPS to a mounting device (ensure compliance with California state laws)If you have to interact with a GPS while driving, pull over to a safe location such as a parking lot.More items…•

What to do if you see someone using their phone while driving?

According to Olliers Solicitors, you would need to report the matter to the police using the non-emergency number 101. You would be required to give your details and describe the incident in as much detail as possible, for example the car make, registration number and description of the driver.