Question: Is Double Bass Hard To Learn?

How tall do you have to be to play the double bass?

You have to be as tall as the bass you’re playing (unless you’re playing upright, in which case, you must be 5’2)..

What is the difference between a bass and a double bass?

They’re all the same instrument just known by different names depending on what style of music they’re being used to play. Double Bass, or just simply Bass, is commonly used in the Classical community. … Upright Bass refers to the fact that the thing stands upright. Nuf’ said.

What is bigger than a double bass?

The double bass is often equipped with a mechanical extension or a fifth string that increases its lower range to either C1 or B0, respectively. Both the violin and viola are played under the jaw. The viola, being the larger of the two instruments, has a playing range that reaches a perfect fifth below the violin’s.

How tall do you have to be to play a full size bass?

The standard size bass for adults is ¾….Bass Sizing & Bow Options.Bass SizeHeightPlayer’s Age1/83.5 to 4 feet5 to 7 years old1/44 to 4.5 feet7 to 9 years old1/24.5 to 5.5 feet9 to 13 years old3/4over 5 feetover 13 years old

Is the double bass easy to learn?

The double-bass is not a difficult instrument to start on, although once you get up to Grade 4 or 5 and have to do a lot of “shifting” (i.e. moving your whole left hand up and down the fingerboard to obtain different combinations of notes instead of just your fingers) it’s just as hard as anything else.

How long does it take to learn double bass?

If you practice enough I’d say you’d get used to moving around an upright and getting the right feel for it in about 6 weeks or 2 months. But like lowend said, get a teacher, it’ll make the transition much easier.

Is Bass the easiest instrument to learn?

The truth is that the bass is the easiest instrument in pop and rock music, in comparison with the other intruments. It’s the music that the majority listens to, and judges by that. Look at the tabs that someone can find of most popular songs (people look for tabs usually).

How much does a good double bass cost?

Hybrid double basses are ideal for those looking to spend less than $3000 on a double bass. Fully carved double basses are the most expensive, costing anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Is Bass easier than violin?

Bass parts tend to be simpler and have fewer notes to the measure, so violin parts in general may have to be played faster.

Why is a double bass called a double bass?

The names contrabass and double bass refer to the instrument’s range and use one octave lower than the cello (i.e. doubling on cello).

What is a 3/4 double bass?

The standard size which is common today is the 3/4 size. This corresponds to a body length of about 114 cm and of (swinging) string length between 104 cm and 108 cm. … A double bass of 1/2 size is however not half as big as a 4/4 double bass but it has a body length of about 96 cm.