Question: What Does TMK Stand For?

How do I find my TMK number Hawaii?

You can use to verify your TMK parcel number.

Click “Search by Parcel Number” and follow the directions on the right of the page..

Why do Hawaii addresses have dashes?

The State of Hawaii uses an effective system to issue an address to a property. It’s based on the TMK (tax map key) where every parcel including condos have a unique identifier. … So the two numbers are for zone and section, then a dash to specify the precise street address number.

Is Nga a female name?

Nga as a girl’s name is derived from the Vietnamese phrase “Tố Nga”. Nga means “beautiful girl”.

What country is NGA?

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What does TKM stand for?

te quiero muchoTKM is from the Spanish “te quiero mucho,” which is a friendly way of expressing affection, similar to love ya!. Here, in texting slang, “quiero” becomes “kiero.”

What does TMK mean in real estate?

Tax Map KeyTMK Basics All property lots in Hawaii are defined by a “TMK” or “Tax Map Key” number, each part of which is separated by a dash: – . The dashes separate the following: Island or Division – Zone – Section – Plat – Parcel/Lot – CPR (for condominiums or apartments)

What does TKT mean in texting?

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What does NGA mean in school?

National Governors Association Graduation RateDefinitions: Starting in the 2002-2003 school year, the National Governors Association Graduation Rate (NGA) is used for graduation rates. It is a four-year, on-time graduation rate agreed to by all 50 states.

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How do I find my tax map number?

FINDING YOUR TAX MAP NUMBER Don’t know your tax map number? Your property tax bill has it listed, or call your local Assessor’s office for the information.