Question: What Speed Should You Troll For Walleye?

What speed should you troll at?

The best trolling speed depends on several factors including the type of fish, water conditions and lure choice.

In general, trolling speeds between 1.5 and 2.5 mph, as measured by GPS, are a good starting place for most species like walleye, trout and salmon..

What is the best time to catch walleye?

Considering walleye like prolonged low light conditions, the best time of year to fish for walleye is in the spring and the fall. The months of March through May and August through October tend to be the most productive for walleye fishing.

How fast can a muskie swim?

Many people fishing for Muskie will troll as fast as 10-miles per hour but the prime speed is between 4 and 6-miles per hour. You will catch Muskie trolling really fast and generally the really big Muskie hit the faster baits but trolling at a slower speed enables you to catch Muskie of all sizes.

What is a walleyes favorite food?

Thenceforth, both juvenile and adult walleyes eat fish almost exclusively, frequently yellow perch or ciscoes, moving onto bars and shoals at night to feed. Walleye also feed heavily on crayfish, minnows, and leeches.

What depth do you need to catch walleye?

On clear lakes, the best depths are usually in the 10-foot to 20-foot range. However, fish movement does vary and depths as shallow as 2 feet and deeper than 20 feet can often be very productive as well. Live bait is most often used on tip-ups.

Can you troll with a jig?

Here’s one of many possible crappie-trolling tactics. … If you’re trolling with two or more rods, rig with jigs of differing weights or colors. Slow-troll at 1 mph (best measured by a GPS unit) with one jig 30 feet behind the boat and the second jig 60 feet back. The more line you have out, the deeper a jig will run.

What temperature do walleye bite?

A:Jerry, believe it or not preferred water temp for walleyes is 70 degrees. This is the temperature they’re most comfortable in and also most aggressive.

How fast do you troll crankbaits for walleye?

3 mphTypical crankbait trolling speeds are 1.5 – 3 mph, and there are times when it makes a big difference. If you are marking bait and fish but not hooking up, don’t be afraid to speed up or slow down. Making “S” turns is also a good way to test several speeds at once.

How fast can a walleye swim in mph?

78-81 mphYou can see its a walleye swimming fast because of how it is! most of the ones I have seen usually average 78-81 mph along I-94 … Walleyes also have a dorsal fin which has very sharp tips. I have caught walleye trolling jointed shad-raps at 3.8-4.0 mph…

How far behind the boat should I troll?

First, a disclaimer: As with everything in fishing this is not an exact science, but a rule of thumb you can used when setting your lines to help make a better judgment as to where those lures are running is the “Rule of Fives.” When trolling at five mph, with 50 pound test line and five ounces of weight, set to 50 …

How fast is a walleye?

While the fastest fish swim at up to 70 miles per hour, no human has ever managed even 4 mph in water.

What is the best speed for trolling for walleye?

0.5 to 3 mphThe best trolling speed for walleye will fall somewhere in the range of 0.5 to 3 mph.

What colors are best for walleye?

Scientists tell us walleyes should see red, orange, and yellow the best, followed by green. Theory also suggests walleyes see blue and violet less well, and these colors may even appear black.

What lure is best for walleye?

8 Lures to Drive Walleye Wild This FallBay Du Noc Swedish Pimple Jig. Image by Overton’s. … Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye. Image by Overton’s. … Berkley Walleye Rig. Image by Overton’s. … Northland Whistler Jig. … Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk. … Cotton Cordell Wally Diver. … Berkley PowerBait Power Worms. … Rapala Jigging Rap.

How do you attract walleye?

Using a snap-jigging or swimming retrieve with a grub, minnow or fluke fools active walleye prowling shorelines, drop-offs, sand flats, humps and reefs. Jigs can also be pitched to deep vegetation to entice big fish. A Lindy minnow rig, is good for fussy walleye.

Do walleye bite humans?

They bite! I have on a good days fishing, by the end of the day the tips of your fingers have skin pealing off them from all the small gill rakers. But nothing serious from a walleye. However, if you are in walleye waters look out for those pike.