Question: Why Are Space Saver Tyres Speed Limited?

Why is a spare TYRE called Stephanie?

The story begins in 1904.

At this time, motor-cars weren’t supplied with spare wheels or tyres and motorists had to provide their own.

They called their device the Stepney Spare Wheel, after the location of their workshop in Stepney Street, Llanelli..

What is Space saver?

Space-savers — and that’s the “official” term for it — is any object used to claim a shoveled parking space on a public street. Think cone, bicycle, or even an Elvis bust.

Do space saver Tyres fit any car?

Each RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit is engineered for a specific vehicle fitment. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, it does not matter what size your original wheels are – the overall rolling radius of this space saver wheel and tyre will be correct for your car.

How safe are space saver Tyres?

Each space saver wheel reduces your braking and cornering performance, making it more difficult for you to avoid accidents. Space saver tyres are safe to drive on as long as you keep your speed down, increase your following distance and you get it changed to a regular tyre as soon as possible.

Can I drive 200 miles on a donut?

A general rule of thumb is to drive no more than 70 miles and no faster than 50 miles per hour before replacing your donut with a new tire. The biggest reason to use these space savers for a short period of time is because they have little to no tread. This makes the spare vulnerable to road hazards and projectiles.

Are space saver wheels smaller?

Do you think they may have put in the wrong size spare wheel, a question for the dealer obviously. The cost saver is smaller, and it doesn’t really matter as you are on restricted speed and distance.

How many miles can a space saver TYRE do?

50 milesIs there a maximum distance for space saver wheels: There is no official restriction on how far a driver can travel on a space saver wheel, but around 50 miles is considered to be the maximum safe distance.

Can you use a 16 inch space saver on car with 18 inch wheels?

Yes, you can have a smaller size space saver in your car. It’s a spare for emergencies only – essentially to either get you home or get you to a tyre depot. The slight disparity on rolling circumference is not a problem when used for emergencies only.

Can you use a 17 inch space saver on car with 19 inch wheels?

In your case a 7×17″ spare will be fine until you get your 19″ back on.

Can you repair a space saver TYRE?

If you need to use one, then the tyre will be ruined by the foam so you cannot get it repaired, only replaced, and are next to useless if you get a blowout. But, they are a lot easier and safer to use than changing a wheel at the side of the road.

Why is the spare TYRE smaller?

The main reason your spare tire is smaller is that they are meant to take up less space in your vehicle. The spares usually have a smaller diameter, narrower width, and shallower tread, which means they make great space-savers. This is especially important to maximize the storage area in your boot.

Do you legally have to have a spare TYRE?

It’s no longer a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and jack in your car. Theoretically puncture repair kits are easier and quicker than replacing the wheel itself. But they can be confusing to use and aren’t suitable for all types of puncture.

Can my spare wheel be smaller?

While some vehicles do offer a full-size replacement (fifth) tire or just a tire patch kit, the majority of vehicles include a compact spare tire also referred to as a “donut.” These emergency substitutes have a smaller diameter, narrower width, and shallower tread. … not intended for long-term use like standard tires.

What is a space saver spare TYRE?

Space-saver wheels are designed for temporary use, to get you to a place of repair. There’s no maximum distance but the speed restriction, limited tread (only 3mm from new) and softer rubber compound mean that the distance covered before repair shouldn’t be excessive.

Does space saver wheel have to be same size?

They are many different offering when it comes to spare wheel kit some way to small and some way to big, The K.O.M space saver spare wheel kit is designed to fit as close as possible to your original size tyres, aiming to keep the rolling diameter as close a match to your existing size.