Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Summer Car Save?

Can my PC run my summer car?

System Requirements OS: 64bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Processor: +3 GHZ dual core processor.

Memory: 6 GB RAM.

Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD equivalent..

How can I cheat my summer car?

My Summer Car Cheat Codes (Console Commands)Invincibility – keke.Add money – poor[number]Rewind time – time[number]Change day of week – date[1-7]Teleport to Home – hemo.Teleport to Car Repair Shop – lefa.Teleport to Airstrip for drag races – drag.Teleport to Shop – sale.More items…•

Where is the mailbox in my summer car?

KesselinperäThe player’s mail box can be found in Kesselinperä, next to the dirt road which leads to the woodshed. The mail box is red and will have the player’s surname written on it; the green one next to it which says “Kesseli” belongs to the player’s uncle. The mail box can be opened by left clicking the lid.

How do you pick strawberries in a summer car?

Once a non-empty bush has been found, press F while looking at it to pick a strawberry, then, while looking at the berry box, press F again to place it inside.

Where is Grandma’s house in my summer car?

Where does grandma live and when can you find her? Grandma sits in front of her house every day from 8 am to 4 pm, but only when the weather is good. She lives past the railway; take the right turn at the intersection.

Where is the poop truck in my summer car?

The player can pump septic tanks with the Gifu, a vacuum truck that is located outside the Sewage plant in Peräjärvi.

How much does my summer car cost?

Store PricesCurrencyCurrent PriceConverted PriceU.S. Dollar$14.99$14.99South Asia – USD$14.99$14.99Australian DollarA$ 21.50+4.64%Swiss FrancCHF 15.00+9.91%37 more rows

Is my summer car accurate?

In short, My Summer Car is more or less an accurate depiction of a typical teenage Finnish summer back in the day. Note: While there’s no story yet, this is one of those games that are best played blind, so some listed tropes might spoil the surprise. Has a Wiki .

How do I get a van for my summer car?

Following the 9 May 2019 update, the van can only be acquired by directly contacting Uncle Kesseli at his home, which neighbors the player’s house.

How do I mail a summer car?

The post box is a yellow box for sending mail, found outside Teimo’s Shop right next to the door. It’s used to send orders for aftermarket parts from the parts catalog in the player’s house, as well as sending the order for the computer. To send a letter, grab the envelope (left click) and move it above the post box.

How do I stop my summer car from shaking?

Hangover is a state achieved by drinking more than 1 bottle of beer and going to sleep before the wobbling subsided.

Where is my summer car save file?

There is only one save slot in My Summer Car, which means that starting a new game will overwrite it unless it is backed up. The folder containing the save files can be found in the \AppData\LocalLow\Amistech folder.

How long does it take for parts to come in my summer car?

The orders usually take about a day of in game time to arrive. Teimo will call you when your order has arrived. Drive back to Teimo’s shop.

Can you die of stress in my summer car?

In turn, the stress level will increase in stressful situations like getting a traffic ticket, failing the car inspection, or having a hangover. When stress becomes too high, the player character will die unless the stress bar is lowered.

Can you steal cars in my summer car?

Unlike the Ruscko, the car cannot be stolen by brute-forcing the ignition using a screwdriver. Once Fleetari first offers Ferndale to the player, the player will be able to take it anytime they want, even when Fleetari doesn’t work on Satsuma or when the shop is closed.

What is the latest version of my summer car?

It means better memory usage and possibly increases performance on some systems. UPDATE 30.04. 2018 (Now 64bit!) 23.02.

How do I save my summer car game?

In My Summer Car, there is no pause function, nor the ability to save the game at any time. The only place you can save the game is the toilets. Move your mouse over the toilet until you see SAVE and QUIT to MENU. After saving, you will be taken to the main menu.

How do you get rid of permanent death in a summer car?

Permanent death can be disabled by unchecking the permadeath option while creating a new profile. The setting cannot be changed easily once the game has been started, requiring the use of third-party tools.

How do I pass inspection on my summer car?

To pass the inspection, the car must be fully functional! No parts missing or broken, and tuned well enough for road use. Make sure the car has a properly tightened alternator belt, the cylinders are all firing correctly and isn’t running on worn-out tires.

Who made my summer car?

Amistech GamesMy Summer Car/Developers