Quick Answer: Is Eibach Or H&R Better?

What is a progressive spring?

Progressive-rate coil springs are also called variable-rate coils springs, and have a spring rate that increases as the coil compresses from free length (unloaded).

Not only do progressive springs give a smoother ride over small bumps, but they also make the suspension stiffer more quickly as it compresses..

How long does it take for Eibach lowering springs to settle?

about 10-14 daysThe Pro Kits on our car settled to about a 1.4″ drop. It took about 10-14 days for it to settle. They’ve been on for over two years w/o a problem.

Do lowering springs hurt your car?

Poorly done or extreme lowering can cause suspension and steering parts to contact each other, the wheels or the tires. It could also cause tires to rub the body during turns or going over bumps.

Is it OK to cut coil springs?

If they were cut, they would need to be re-shaped, which is only possible with heat. But heating the coil is a flat NO as it will only make the steel softer. A soft (heated) spring is therefore a ruined spring. So, the only coil spring ends that can be safely cut are Tangential ends.

Why lowering your car is bad?

A lowered car may put extra stress on various other suspension and steering system parts, leading to excessive wear and even premature failure. Tires may rub against sheet metal or suspension parts, causing damage to both. The ride will almost always be harsher, as most lowering methods reduce spring travel.

How long do Eibach Springs last?

They do not sag. In fact, Eibach warranties their springs for one million miles.

How much does the Eibach Pro Kit lower your car?

They lowered the car about 1.5″ all the way around. Makes the car look much better.

What’s the difference between Eibach Sportline and pro kit?

Pro-Kit springs will typically lower a vehicle . … Going a step further, the Eibach Sportline Spring Set will provide an average of 1.5″-2.0″ drop in ride height, coupled with a more aggressive spring rate for additional handling benefits.

Why lowering springs are bad?

Lowering springs also change the geometry of your wheel/tire fitment. If it’s not done right, you can expect both accelerated and uneven tire wear. Your car could also bottom out over speed bumps and be even tougher to get up inclines, like your driveway, without scraping your bumper.

Is lowering your car worth it?

Handling can be improved by lowering the car’s center of gravity, which tends to reduce body roll. Lowering the vehicle usually reduces aerodynamic drag, which increases fuel economy, and sometimes reduces high speed lift, this making the vehicle safer. … A lower vehicle may pose less of a rollover risk.

Are H&R springs good?

However, while the H&R Sport Springs provided pretty good ride comfort, they produced a ride that was just slightly more abrupt than the vehicle equipped with the Pro-Kit Springs. The H&R Sport Springs provided the most responsive real world handling of the three combinations tested.

Are Eibach Springs progressive?

Engineered with the same care as our PRO-KIT springs, Eibach SPORTLINE springs achieve legendary handling by aggressively lowering your car’s center of gravity, using our precision-engineered progressive spring rates.

Do lowering springs ruin ride quality?

Lowering springs will make my ride feel more harsh. False. Most lowering spring sets are designed to maintain most of your car’s factory suspension travel distance and are about 15% higher in spring rate design to preserve ride quality. You will have a harsher ride from stiffer shocks, otherwise known as HD models.

Are coilovers good for daily driving?

For a brief answer – no, coilovers are not really suitable for daily driving because they make your ride extremely stiff and uncomfortable. Although it’s possible to adjust coilovers to make it acceptable for daily driving.

Can I put lowering springs on stock shocks?

Stock springs and shocks are compatible with each other and quite obviously so. … If you are installing lowered springs, go for the ones with nonlinear spring rate/progressive springs. They provide a good ride while considerably lowering the car. Also consider practicality while lowering.