What Does Go Mean Slang?

What is the purpose of a NOC?

A NOC is designed to help companies manage and monitor their network system without having to do everything manually.

Companies set their NOC up to monitor all types of things going on in their network, and it is imperative that it can provide the right information when needed to make sure everything runs smoothly..

Does GL mean good looking?

“Good Luck” is the most common definition for GL on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….Summary of Key Points.GLDefinition:Good LuckType:AbbreviationGuessability:2: Quite easy to guessTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does the slang word fly mean?

Fly — Though this term is already a little passé, it does go back way further than we ever thought. … The term first turned up as slang in 1888, meaning “to complain.” By the 1930s, it was also used as a noun, meaning “argument.”

What does I’m fly mean?

However, the phrase “I’m fly” (variation: “I’m so fly”) is urban-speak that has several meanings depending on the context. At a pinch, it usually means the person is “very chilled” (“cool”) or “absolutely love” something — or even “absolutely ready” for something or do something.

What does it mean you’ve been served?

When the process server has done so, she or he notifies the Person with the statement, “You’ve been served.” … He has been served, which means the Court has successfully notified the Person of his legal obligation to respond (through paperwork or attendance, often assisted by attorneys).

What does has mean in slang?

HAS Stands For:RankAbbreviationMeaning*****HASHuman Audio Sponge

What is a Fly Girl mean?

“A fly girl is a woman who doesn’t compare herself to others because she’s one of a kind. She’s unique. She’s wonderfully and fearfully made.

What is NOC mean?

No Objection CertificateNo Objection Certificate, popularly abbreviated as NOC, is a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute or, in certain cases, an individual. It does not object to the covenants of the certificate.

What does it mean when a guy says you look fly?

it’s a casual saying complimenting a person’s appearance. ” You looking so fly today”. it’s a casual saying complimenting a person’s appearance. ” You looking so fly today”. See a translation.

What is the role of NOC?

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of a NOC Technician? NOC engineers and technicians are responsible for monitoring infrastructure health, security and capacity on a clients’ environment. They make decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

What is GL and BL?

🙂 BL means “boy love” (aka yaoi) and GL means “girls love” (aka yuri).

What does get served mean in slang?

If this is a legal question, rather than one about food in a restaurant, it means that you have been given official notice that you’re being sued.

What does GL mean?

good luckGL is an acronym that means “good luck”, which is typically used online or in text messages. It is most often used in online multiplayer gaming before the start of a game or match.

What does you’re being served mean?

Service. Getting served just means that you have been given notice of a lawsuit, in this case by a debt collector. You are served if you are handed a copy of the summons and complaint or if a summons and complaint is given to someone “of suitable age and discretion” at your home.

What does it mean to serve others?

Being a servant leader means putting the interests of others above your own. You’ve probably seen some variation of these words before, but ask yourself the following questions: Do you put others before yourself in the workplace, among your friends or in your school setting?

What does GL mean in water?

gigalitre1,000 megalitres, which also is 1,000,000,000 litres. This definition applies to: Glossary for Water status: National Water Account 2010. Glossary for Water status: National Water Account 2011.

What does go mean texting?

Slang / Jargon (8) Acronym. Definition. GO. Game Over.

How can I get NOC certificate?

How to Get NOC from RTO?Visit the local RTO personally and submit the application for the NOC.Next, submit duly-filled CMV 38 form along with the documents required by the RTO.The owner of the vehicle will need to visit the local RTO in person to submit the application for the NOC.More items…