What Does The Tow Button Do On A Ford Explorer?

What does the tow haul button do on a Ford?

What Does The Tow Haul Button Do.

To put it simply, the tow haul button activates the tow haul mode of your vehicle which essentially put the vehicle in a lower gear, and may even shift earlier, providing a little more torque..

What size trailer can a Ford Explorer pull?

A 2019 Ford Explorer can tow any camper weighing up to 5,000 pounds while the newer 2020 Ford Explorer can tow up to 5,600 pounds! This means that a Ford Explorer can tow pop-up trailers, hybrid trailers, teardrop trailers, and some smaller travel trailers.

What is a Class III tow package?

Class III hitches used for weight distributing are rated up to 10,000 lbs. gross trailer weight (GTW) with a 1000 lbs. maximum trailer tongue weight (TW) Class III hitches are weight carrying (WC) and also are weight distributing (WD) depending on the vehicle and hitch specifications.

Can you pull a trailer with a Ford Explorer?

When properly equipped, the 2019 Ford Explorer is capable of towing between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds, allowing you to tow your trailer or boat through Elk River with ease. … The 2020 Ford Explorer is now available, learn more about its towing capacity here.

Can I exceed my towing capacity?

Max towing capacity should not be taken lightly. Exceeding what your vehicle is designed to tow can strain your engine and transmission, accelerate brake wear, damage your tires and even warp your chassis. This could in turn trigger catastrophic failure while driving and could lead to property damage or serious injury.

Should you use tow haul mode on the highway?

Whether or not you engage the tow/haul button almost always comes down to the weight of the cargo and the area where you’re driving. … But if you’re cruising down the highway in an area that’s mostly flat, you might find that tow/haul isn’t necessary and can actually make your gas mileage worse.

Is tow mode necessary?

Tow/haul mode extends the shift points and adds engine braking when decelerating. It went on to explain this mode is not necessary for light towing or towing on level ground. This mode also locks up the torque converter earlier to reduce transmission heat and will reduce fuel economy as a result.

What is the tow package on a Ford Explorer?

It includes an engine oil cooler, a frame-mounted Class III hitch receiver and an integrated seven-pin trailer connector in the rear bumper. You don’t need to have the expensive top spec Explorer in order to tow with one.

Why is towing behind a Ford Explorer prohibited?

“U-Haul has chosen not to rent behind this tow vehicle based on our history of excessive costs in defending lawsuits involving Ford Explorer towing combinations. … According to a U-Haul representative, the company only prohibits certain models of the Explorer from towing its trailers.

What does the tow button do on a 2017 Ford Explorer?

The tow/haul button in a 2017 ford explorer engages the transmission tow/haul mode, which will reduce shift cycles, as well as increasing torque and engaging braking assist.

What is the tow button for?

Tow haul mode is a feature that empowers your truck to tackle those heavier hauls with safety in mind. In short, the tow haul mode protects your transmission when hauling heavy loads. This tow haul mode will adjust your Silverado’s transmission shift patterns, reducing the number of shift cycles.

When should I use towing mode?

When driving in hilly areas, towing a trailer, carrying a heavy load, etc., and frequent transmission shifting occurs, push the TOW/HAUL switch to activate TOW/HAUL mode. This will improve performance and reduce the potential for transmission overheating or failure due to excessive shifting.

Is it bad to drive in tow haul mode?

Tow/Haul mode alters the shift schedule, not the actual gear ratios, but this makes it easier to get a kickdown (to a lower gear) and may hold you in a lower gear longer as you accelerate. No, there is no problem with driving it all the time in Tow/Haul mode, if that’s what you like.

Does tow haul mode save gas?

Will Tow/Haul save me gas? Using the tow/haul option increases the RPMs of the engine, so it results in a higher usage of fuel. However, replacing a transmission because you didn’t use it would be much more expensive then the extra gas you may use while in this mode.

Can you engage tow haul mode while driving?

So True, there are vast differences between the various tow modes, about the only thing the different tow modes have in common is that you can engage tow mode while driving or stopped.