What Happens If You Miss Your Booked Train?

Can I get on a later train than booked?

You can only take the train that you have reserved i.e.

the one which you have been issued a ticket for.

If you wish to depart earlier or later, you can exchange your ticket or cancel it and re-book it, depending on the fare conditions.

Once you have done this, you can then choose a new departure time for your ticket..

Can I get a refund if I miss my train?

Check with the train company. Advance tickets – these are not refundable at all unless the train is delayed or cancelled and you decide not to travel. The date of travel can be changed if the booked train has not yet departed and an administration fee and any difference in fare is paid.

Can I get on an earlier train than booked virgin?

Advance fares are valid only on the date and train shown on the ticket and are non-refundable. You can, as you say, change the time or date before departure and any difference in fare and an administration fee will be payable prior to travel.

Can I board train at later station?

Boarding point change is not allowed if ticket is seized, said IRCTC. … There are chances when the passenger may wish to board train from another station but ticket has already been booked from any other station. In such a scenario, the user can log in to his/her IRCTC account and change the boarding station.

How do I get my Trainline refund?

You have 28 days from expiry of the ticket to request a refund. If you have an mobile ticket and it has already been activated you can no longer claim refund on that journey. Advance Single tickets cannot be refunded but can be exchanged for a new ticket on a different time/day. You’ll have to keep the same route.

Can I change the time of my trainline ticket?

Changes are only allowed for a different time/date of travel, so you need to stick to the same departure and arrival stations. You must change your ticket at least 15 mins before your original train is due to depart. We refund you whichever ticket is the lowest priced between your original or new ticket.

What do you do if you miss your train?

Missed Train Confirm ticket You may get refund from railways by filing TDR (ticket deposit receipt) as per extant rules citing reasons for not travelling. Since chart has been prepared you can’t cancel the ticket, you can only file TDR within one hour after departure of the train from charting station.

What happens if I miss my Renfe train?

They only thing you can do is to change your ticket online at Renfe.es before the date of your travel. 2. Re: What happens if you miss your prepaid/booked AVE train? If you miss your train, you lose your money.

Can I take another train with same ticket?

No, you can not travel In other train with the same ticket because the reserved ticket of train that you missed that does not recorded in any other train. So ultimately you have to buy unreserved ticket and complete your journey.

How delayed does a train have to be to get a refund?

You can get a full refund if your train journey is cancelled. If you’re delayed and arrive at your destination more than half an hour late, you’ll usually be able to get some money back. … You need to keep your train tickets to get a refund. You should try to claim within 28 days, but some train companies allow longer.